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Earn the highest yields from the world’s top hedge funds.
Regardless of Market trends.


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Our mission is to democratize and revolutionize the investment market by freeing it from regulators, bureaucracy, geographic boundries, operational setbacks, and ensuring equal access to investment opportunities to all users.

PlanEx combines high-yield algorithmic hedge funds onto a single platform. From the website or mobile app users can invest regardless capital or geography. By functioning on the blockchain Planex supersedes the red tape.

1. Smart contracts replace most of the functions previously performed by intermediaries, which will drastically reduce the costs of administering and operating the financial system. This will make small investments viable.

2. PlanEx can not be blocked, because the application is distributed across client devices. This goes beyond national borders and circumvents the regulatory quirks of local markets.

3. Hedge funds manage customer funds through API keys

To start, PlanEx users will be able to invest using cryptocurrencies. The number of assets to work in PlanEx will expand. More in our White Paper.


Get high returns. Just download PlanEx to your Iphone.


The Android version of PlanEx will be ready in Q3 2019. Please be patient.


Invest in hedge funds from your laptop or computer. One click.

Business Model

For investors

PlanEx receives 25% of the Hedge Fund's profits. Investors (PlanEx, XPX token holders) receive 25% of this amount.

The capitalization of PlanEx can amount to tens of millions of $ already in the first year of work.

For users

PlanEx users receive high and stable returns from the best algorithmic hedge funds in the world.

Among the users of PlanEx: individuals, venture capital, pension funds, banks, traders, etc.

For funds

Hedge funds receive a standard fee: 20% of clients' profits and 2% for asset management.

Now 6 international algorithmic hedge funds have been added to PlanEx.







Ivan Alexeev

Founder, CEO

Over 10 years in the asset management industry. Cooperate with quantitative funds in the development and automation of strategies for algorithmic asset management, has got an experience in developing automated systems for commodity and stock markets.

Andrey Zolin

Chief Technical Officer

Blockchain developer. Projects: Professional developer of solutions on smart contracts. Developed distributed platform for P2P-crediting. Software Engineer: Sberbank technologies. Development of the blockchain solutions supply chain on the Ethereum base.

Alexander Ivanov

Chief Information Officer

15 years in the field of software development. The developer of the first Australian crypto-exchange Independent Reserve.

Andrey Lyashenko

Quantitative Architect

Andrey worked in Quatum Parity hedge fund, Yandex, Beeline. He has more then 25 years of experience in software development. In particular he’s been developing quantitative hft strategies for more then 15 years

Alexey Zhunin

Lead Software Engineer

Senior Software Engineer: Sberbank-technologies, distributed computing, machine training, optimization of heterogeneous computations. Projects:

Liuaza Etezova

Software Architect

Took part in development of monitoring of Sberbank with the use of InMemory Data Grid and message broker technologies, implementation of new and existing systems. Worked on information retrieval systems, automated compilation of text key dictionaries, classification of consumer review with the use of machine training.

Artyom Zolotykh


A leading expert on HTML/CSS of the digital agency AYROSA.

Roman Rulkov

Front-end Developer / UI / UX

Front-end Developer / UI / UX

Amir Uteshev



Rinat Latypov

Digital Marketing Strategist

Director of the digital agency AYROSA. Experience working with clients from the financial sector: Bank Center-Invest, Bank Levoberezhny, JSC Finam, Bank of the People Credit, JSC Financial Center (Astana).

Alexey Dobrusin

PR Strategist

Director of the Internet agency Gedocorp. Experience in PR and marketing more than 12 years. Speaker of conferences Expo Comm Russia, Design and advertising, etc. Teacher, mentor, public figure.


Gleb Yakovlev

Gleb Yakovlev


Mr. Yakovlev is an international business executive with over 20 years’ experience acquired in international banks and brokerages. He holds a Masters’ degree in International Banking and Finance, from Moscow State University of International Relations. From 2004 to 2007 Mr. Yakovlev headed Equity Finance and Structured Products of Renaissance Capital and was a a CEO of Renaissance Broker. In 2008 Mr. Yakovlev was one of the founders of Da Vinci Capital and a co-manager of Da Vinci CIS Special Opportunities Fund. Between 2009 and 2014, Mr. Yakovlev was running Structured Products desk in Renaissance Wealth Management, CEO of Renaissance Asset Management, Russia and later on was an Investment Director of Renaissance Real Estate. Since 2015, Mr. Yakovlev is running Trading Desk of ITI Capital responsible for equity, fixed income, derivatives and financing businesses. Mr. Yakovlev also serves as director of ITI Funds UCITS ETF in Luxembourg.
Teimur Tmuslim

Teimur Tmuslim


President of Association Asia Blockchain. Top-trader according to for 2017. Founder of the largest trading community - Top Traders.
Stephen Drew

Stephen Drew


Partner at Crypto Global Capital.20 years experience in investment banking, fintech, & real estate. Last 3 years investing and trading crypto currencies. Worked on Wall Street for 10+ years in trading and investment banking. Member Yale Club NYC.
Sergey Simanovsky

Sergey Simanovsky


Ex head of Golos.Fund - venture investment in blockchain

Private sale

Token XPX is a fundamental part of PlanEx ecosystem.

Price: 1 XPX= 0,0274$

Discount 35%

1 XPX = 0,0178 USD

Soft cap: 2 M $

Hard cap: 10 M $

Supply: 1 000 000 000 XPX

Distribution of collected funds

34% Products & Engineering

28% Sales & marketing

17% Legal & Licences

12% Infrastructure

9% Operations


Q2 2018 — START

Q3 2018 — Working out the technical solution

Q1 2019 — MVP

Q1 2019 — Roadshow

Q3 2019 — Desktop version

Q3 2019 — Android App

Q3 2019 — App Store

Q4 2019 — Patenting process

Q3 2020 — Adding functionality for tokenization of financial assets

Options of investment in the
project PlanEx

The company is now looking to raise investment to finish the construction work and to roll out PlanEx on an operational basis.

Become part of the PlanEx team. Choose a suitable package for investment.

up to $ 100 000

$ 100 000

$ 200 000

$ 500 000